Unforgettable and untranslatable:
the Aperitivo.

The Milanese Aperitivo:
beyond style.

A ritual, a style, a legend. Born at Camparino in Galleria, the Italian Aperitivo and its inimitable lifestyle have taken Italian taste and panache all around the world. Meeting at Camparino before opening night at La Scala or an exhibition launch at Palazzo Reale - or simply for after-work drinks - is not just a ritual: it’s an Italian tradition that has turned Milan into the most prestigious and authentic of shrines, made even more unforgettable thanks to its iconic, timeless cocktails.

Iconic Cocktails

Discover our Campari Classic cocktails


Our mixology experience

Fine ingredients, creative flair, unusual flavour combinations. At Camparino, mixology is an art which draws on knowledge of the past to reinvent itself every day, creating vibrant modern cocktails and experimental bartending that is writing the new rules of gourmet culture.

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Sala Spiritello